Product Specifications

Zagros Smart Home Control System, professional series (Zagros-pro):

- Remote control from anywhere in the word by Internet
- Various scenarios, triggered with schedules, switches, or sensors
- Various schedules
- Supports voice commands in multi language
- Automatic irrigation for pots and garden
- Supports various types of electric curtains
- Ability to use a variety of touch screen, mobile and tabloid for control
- Supports music module using Bluetooth, SD memory or cable
- Controls lighting and laser lights
- Supports smart entrance, card entry, combination entry, and electric locks
- Significant reduction in energy consumption by setting consumption patterns

Hardware Specifications of Zagros Smart Home Controller:

- Integrated control of 23 Solid State Relay outputs with mobile or tablet (16 Amp electronic relay - 5 Amp fused)
- Up to 5 Dimmer Outputs
- Non-mechanical high life cycle solid state electronic relays
- Using WiFi for internal network and Internet access for home and office
- Protected against power oscillations