Zones and Locations in Smart Homes

مکان - zone

مکان - zone

Zoning or Locations in Smart Homes

Smart Home technology, also known as home automation, provides home security, convenience, convenience, and energy efficiency. Smart home allows you to use an a phone, tablet, or other network devices application to take control of various parts of your home, such as lighting, temperature, curtains, electrical appliances, etc. One of the key features of Smart Home is the ability to define different locations or zonings to manage different parts of home. You can define and label parts of your house (or building), and assign outputs, curtains, and other devices to that location/zone. br> Outputs can include lighting and electrical appliances One of the most important features in most smart home systems is remote control. For example turning on the cooling system, the coffee maker, or preparing the pool just before you arrive at the building.

Places in the Zagros Smart House

In the Intelligent Zagros Home system, you can define the locations for the different parts of the house as you see in the opposite image, and use the icons Use your favorite location to specify.
Also, on the Home screen of your smart home system app, you can view and manage the defined locations in one place. You can turn off or turn on the lights or electrical devices defined in places on this page. Or define timing for them.
For example, you can sit down on the dining table and diminish the light with dimmers. Turn the lights on or off the house. One of the members of the house is entering the house, you turn on the lights of the yard. Control the washing machine and turn it on where you are sitting.
For example, when you sleep, go to bed easily and study and set the bedroom lamp to turn off until 10 minutes later :)
Smart home systems help you experience more and more comfort and convenience.

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