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About Zagros Smart Home:

Zagros Smart Home Group is one of the first designers and manufacturers of Smart Home Products and Building Management Systems (BMS) in Iran.
The scope and expertise of the Zagros Manufacturing Group includes, but not limited to:

1. Designing and manufacturing of real-time Smart Control Systems for residential, commercial, recreational, urban, and gardens.

2. Design and production of Building Management Systems (BMS), monitoring and smart real-time control of building electrical, mechatronics, and HVAC facilities, and equipment.

3. Design and production of smart urban systems, traffic control and monitoring.

4. Custom designs for embedded systems with centralized or decentralized control – Multilingual platform (including mobile software, tablet, laptop or central computer, central controller, server, cloud processing or cloud storage)

5. Design of robotic systems including aerial robotics.

Our goal is to implement your building Smart Home Control system at the lowest cost possible, and provide a solid warranty with high standards of customer service and satisfaction.

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About the CEO & Founder of the Zagros Manufacturing Group:

Dr. Amin Kamalzadeh, graduated from Sharif University of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in 2002. He continued his educations and research in the field of Dynamics and Robotics in Queen's University, Kingston, Canada under M.Sc. degree until 2004.
He achieved his Doctoral degree at University of Waterloo (Canada), by research in the field of Control Theory, Mechatronics Design, and Implementation of Ultra-Precision CNC Control Systems until 2008. He then continued to a post-doctoral program at the Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada working on design of MEMS sensors for measuring vehicle tire forces/moments until 2010.

After university research activities, he moved to Silicon Valley, California, and worked 3.5 years for KLA-Tencor company, a major manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor equipment testing machines in the world. His main focus at KLA-Tencor was on precision robotic platforms for advanced electronic scanner devices. (Scanning electron microscope scanners).

After returning to Iran, he continued his R&D activities in the field of control and mechatronics design, which lead to the production of Smart Home Control Systems for construction and urban industries, by establishing Yaghout Zagros Tech Co. in Shiraz, Iran.

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