Hardware Specifications of Zagros Smart Home Controller, professional series (Zagros-pro):

- Integrated control of 23 or 12 Solid State Relay outputs in PRO and ECO-PRO models, with mobile or tablet (16 Amp electronic relay - 5 Amp fused)
- Non-mechanical high life cycle solid state electronic relays
- Ability to use solid state relays for up to 5 dimmers for customized orders
- Using WiFi for internal network and Internet access for home and office
- Protected against power oscillations

Zagros Smart Home Control System, professional series (Zagros-pro):

- Remote control from anywhere in the word by Internet
- Various scenarios, triggered with schedule, touch switch, or sensor
- Various schedules
- Supports voice command in multi language
- Automatic irrigation for pots and garden
- Supports various types of electric curtain
- Ability to use a variety of touch screen, mobile and tablet for control
- Supports music module using Bluetooth, SD memory or cable
- Controls lighting and laser lights
- Supports smart entrance, card entry, combination entry, and electric locks
- Significant reduction in energy consumption by setting consumption patterns
- And …

What is smart home?
Smart home refers to a level of remote or in-unit control for various parts of a house or a residential unit, through a mobile application installed on your phone, tablet, or a touch panel.
These parts of the house could include lighting, air conditioning, ventilation systems, pots and garden, or electrical appliances. Smart home System could use various accessories including touch switch, scenario switch, electrical or motorized curtain, audio - music system and many sensors for automation purpose such as thermal - temperature sensor, humidity sensor, lighting - lumen sensor, gas and smoke detectors, etc.
You could also take advantage of many software and program options such as timing, schedule, scenario, or voice command, which could lead to a high level of automation, remote control, and energy saving as well as comfort of using automation for regular tasks.